Innovation has been central to the Saxi product philosophy ever since Erik Norlander founded the company in 1949. By constantly pioneering new ideas, materials and technologies, we are able to bring our customers ever better solutions and lead the way in curtain and folding wall design.

Acoustic fabric

A new innovation in dual-layer curtain wall design, our acoustic fabric contains a layer of sound-insulating felt sandwiched between two layers of heavy duty PVC. The result is a strong, flat curtain with excellent noise damping. The felt can also be fitted to the outside of the curtain, depending on customer preference.

Scrim fabric

Our scrim fabric was developed for customers who needed a lightweight partition that was fully opaque but also allowed the free flow of light and air. It’s made using a special perforated PVC fabric, combined with a lower section of heavy-duty PVC to protect against impacts and abrasion.

Curved assembly

Originally developed for Norwegian football halls, our curved ceiling mounting system is now a standard feature of Saxi net curtain walls in stadiums around the world. Both our T500 Net and Teanik Net walls have the option to be installed on flat or curved ceiling spaces.

Sound absorbing panels

Good acoustic damping doesn’t have to mean opting for a heavy, bulky partition. The Saxi T500 Acoustic is the world’s first single-layer curtain wall with sound absorption.  Sound absorbing panels on both sides of the fabric reduce reverb while keeping all the benefits of a lightweight, single-layer divider.


Unlike other moveable partitions that rely on complex mechanical systems, our Airseal® walls lock into position using compressed air. The result is a very stable, soundproofed wall with friction-free operation – meaning less wear-and-tear, a longer product lifespan and no need for unsightly floor rails.